Chrome Metalwork for a Sleek Modern Style

For a sleek, glossy, optimistic look, you can't go past chrome. Chrome metalwork communicates a modern, forward-looking style and bold aesthetic. More economical than stainless steel, it offers fine lines and slim, streamlined designs.

As well as being cost-effective, chrome plating maintains its looks and provides excellent protection against corrosion, giving your fittings and furniture a longer life.

Chrome mirrors and lights make a bold, artistic statement. Chrome combines beautifully with contrasting materials like glass, timber, stone and plastic.

Chrome metal fabrication is particularly popular as a finish for shop displays, chairs, stools and tables. It will always look great in shops and restaurants because it resists scratches and scraping.

At Formanova, we're experts in chrome-finished products. We provide a range of superb chrome mirror-finishes for furniture, shop fittings, or whatever your design concept calls for.

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To find out how chrome metal fabrication can add quality to your design, architecture or shop-fitting project, call us on 03 9584 0055 or send an email.

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