Brass Metalwork for Long Lasting Sophistication

With its shimmering good looks and metallic, gold-like appearance, brass metalwork is increasingly in demand as a material of distinction in decorating and design.

Whether polished brass or lacquered finishes, brass metal fabrication provides an unmistakable stamp of sophistication in any design element you require - from light fittings, clothes racks, steps, handrails, signage and address plaques to wall fixtures, candle holders, doors, door knobs and sophisticated designer hinges.

Hygienic and hardwearing, brass is also becoming a popular material in restaurants and wine bars for bar tops and bar components.

It combines beautifully with contrasting materials such as mild steel, glass, stone, timber, mirrors and plastics. Brass also enables stunning colour finishes.

At Formanova, we can create customised brass fabrications for just about any use you require.

Whether you're after an up-to-the-minute modern look or an aged effect that conveys classic style, we can create the unique finish that complements the decor of your space perfectly.

Experience the Unique Qualities of Copper Metalwork

With its fluid appearance and reflective qualities, copper metalwork offers a unique and eye-catching dimension to any design or architectural concept.

The varied tones of copper add warmth, texture and artistic flair to roof elements, entrances, handrails, lighting, furniture elements, wine racks and decorative poles.

As a soft metal, copper is perfect for decorative purposes. It offers itself to a range of stunning finishes, from highly reflective to matt, from embossed copper patterns to deeply textured and grainy copper looks. And like brass, copper combines beautifully with most materials.

With our years of experience working with copper, Formanova can provide unique metal fabrications in copper that add artistry and individuality to your space and impress your clients and customers.

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To find out how our expertise in brass and copper metalwork can transform your project, or for a free, no-obligation quote, give us a call todayon 03 9584 0055 or send an email.

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