Timber Combined with Metal Reflects Your Brand

With its rich, earthy tones, hardwearing timber creates a mood of comfort and warmth. Because it's so versatile, timber fabrication is ideal for conveying either a traditional style or a streamlined, cutting-edge aesthetic.

At Formanova, we provide timber fabrication that fits and enhances your space, whatever its shape and dimensions. The range of available shapes, textures and surfaces is limited only by your imagination!

We also combine timber with glass, stone and metalwork for furniture and fittings that reflect a range of moods and styles.

If you're after attractive, functional shelving, tables, display units, clothes racks or wine racks that complement your products, we'll provide the designs that work for you.

Timber is also perfect for a range of exterior uses, especially when combined with glass, stone, plastic, or metal fabrication. It's ideal for fences, gates, roof elements, signage, balconies, posts and stands.

We understand how the finish of your fixtures affects the overall impression. That's why we're constantly expanding the range of superb timber finishes we offer our clients.

Glass Combined with Metal Fabrication
for Shine and Sophistication

With their cool elegance and reflective qualities, glass and mirrors add verve, sparkle and sophistication to any design context. Glass offers drama and style, and can be treated with a variety of colours and surfaces to add a bold creative signature.

At Formanova we combine the many textures and shades of glass with timber, stone, plastic and various kinds of metalwork to provide stunning custom-made fittings and furniture.

Shelving and display units, light fittings, feature tables, display stands and partitions are just some of the products we create combining glass with other materials.

Light fittings are a vital part of any design concept. Well-designed glass light fittings can powerfully anchor your design and convey mood and atmosphere in a variety of ways.

At Formanova we're experts at incorporating the technical aspects of lighting to achieve your design aims.

Glass, Timber, Stone and Plastic in any combination add new possibilities to any project.

Contact Us Today!

If you'd like us to help you create a unique atmosphere and delight customers and clients with designs made in glass, timber, plastic, stone and beautifully crafted metalwork, the options are almost unlimited.

To find out more or for a free, no-obligation quote, please call us today on 03 9584 0055 or send an email.

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