Custom-Made Shop Fittings that Showcase Your Brand

Are you a professional shop fitting company needing premium metalwork to bring your design to life?

Are you a shop owner seeking architect-quality metal or combined materials fabrication with a competitive price tag and short delivery schedule?

At Formanova, we provide shop fittings that embody progressive design and have strong aesthetic impact. We'll work with you to achieve a superb fit-out that delights your customers and stylishly promotes your products.

At Formanova, we know that the basis of good design is a high degree of skill in working with various materials - and that's what we offer. We combine quality metalwork with glass, timber, plastics and stone for original and lasting designs.

Whether you need fixtures and fittings, display units, shelving, racks, lighting, mannequins, counters, stands or shop furniture, we'll provide superior quality products that fulfil your display needs and help you make the most of the retail space.

Whatever you can dream up we'll strive to deliver, with innovative combinations that create a unique atmosphere and communicate your brand to customers.

Timber and Metal Fabrication Tailored to Your Design

We understand that each space is unique, and that you don't want your shop looking like every other one. That's why we tailor our retail shop fittings to suit your space as well as your budget.

We know that when it comes to shop fitting, time is at a premium. That's why we offer on-time delivery - guaranteed!

Whether you've got "ready to go" specifications or are seeking professional advice on fitting out your shop, cafe, restaurant or food court - we can help.

  • Shop fittings: fixtures, shelving, displays and stands, counters, clothes racks, light fittings and creative mannequins;
  • Restaurant , cafe and bar fittings: seating, tables, counters, bars, partitions, light fittings, wine racks, plate displays, glass racks, and bottle displays;
  • Outdoor furniture and fittings: benches, stairs and railings, weather-resistant tables and chairs, metal or wrought iron fences, gates, mailboxes, house numbers, and designer or fancy door handles;
  • Creative designs: metal decorative fittings, sculptures, signage, logos, furniture, candle holders, fountains, outdoor features.

Contact Us Now!

To find out about our custom-made shop fitting supplies, or if you'd like a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today on 03 9584 0055 or send an email.

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