Arc Welding and Gas Welding for Creative Metal Fabrication

At Formanova we're committed to creating metalwork that's not only superbly crafted, but perfectly tailored to the design and dimensions of your project.

That's why we've developed years of skill and expertise in using both flame and arc welding to create unique metal products.

Welding is a specialised type of metal fabrication that joins metal items together for a range of purposes. The type of welding used and the skill of the welder are both critical to the final result.

At Formanova we are experts in welding with TIG, MIG, and vapour-fluxed oxy-acetylene. You specify the look you're aiming for, and our skilled practitioners produce it! Each piece we produce bears your creative signature, and the styles and effects we can devise are almost unlimited.

Mild steel welding, wrought iron production and welding, and welding in stainless steel are just some of the options we offer in metal fabrication.

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If you need a welding company that provides expertise in all aspects of metal fabrication, or for a free, no-obligation quote, contact us on 03 9584 0055 or send an email.

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Architectural Metalwork
Architectural structures - fountain and furniture
Industrial Metalwork
Industrial metal fabrication
Counters and shelving units with a combination of materials
Custom Metal Welding
Restaurants & Cafe Fitouts
Cafe furniture combination